KneeBoard Solution

Wanted to share another great solution a fellow pilot came up with for mounting his Fly360 as a Kneeboard.

The Clip comes from Aircraft Spruce  and is called the MyClip and it fits the Fly360 almost perfectly

Link to Aircraft Spruce:

(Sorry for the terrible pics, Didn't realize I had pocket lint on the camera lens)




Where it all began

A little over 3 years ago, I took it upon myself to find the perfect solution for an all in one GPS system. This was after trying many different apps on my phone only to discover the screen being to small, the interface to difficult to use during flight, or extremely high data usage (Followed by an ever higher cell phone bill)   Next I tried using an iPad in the cockpit with similar results,  Can't see the screen in direct sunlight, I had to link the iPad to my Phone for GPS  and I found the battery life on my Phone or iPad just not up to cross country type flights.   In frustration I nearly bit the bullet and purchased a thousand plus dollar "Aviation GPS".   It wasn't until I was sitting by my pool reading a book on my Kobo (In the middle of a sunny afternoon) that I had that famous "light bulb" moment....  Geez wouldn't the Kobo make a great screen for a Navigation system. 

Well 3 years later,  after lots or R&D, a few broken (or "bricked") Kobo's, lots of failed GPS devices, Plus one 3D Printer, and I had the perfect solution.

I never planned on producing these device's to the general public,  that happened all on it's own.
After building my own device, and making it the center piece of my dash, I built a few more units for a couple friends. which of course turned into a few more friends wanting them.

Then came UPAC 2017:  My good friend Roger (who also happens to be my former trike instructor) suggested I build a couple of these devices and display them at the annual Ultra Light Pilots Association Of Canada annual convention in Plastville Ontario to see if there was any interest.  I built 2 Fly360 computers thinking maybe someone will want one..... Well that weekend I received over 20 orders, and they continue to come.

Seems this device fills a void that very much needed filling.