Fly360 Software Update 7.1c

I’m happy to announce that there is a new software update available for your Fly360

The latest version of LK8000 is 7.1c. It has many bug fixes, updates, and enhancements, after a few weeks of testing it is fully certified for your Fly360 Flight Computer. (Thank you to all the beta testers who helped out)

1: Download the link below, and extract the zip file to your computer, You will now have a .kobo file

2:Boot your Fly360 into Kobo mode, choose “I don’t have a WIFI connection”, and connect the Fly360 to your computer, the screen will go black, and you will now have an E-Reader disk ie: E:\

3: Copy and replace the .kobo file you downloaded in step one with the one on your removable drive (E:\)

4: IMPORTANT: Eject the E-Reader device properly from your computer (Windows: Right Click USB device in the task bar and choose disconnect, OSX: drag E-Reader Icon into the Trash)

SUPER IMPORTANT. Wait a few minutes and the Fly360 will automatically reboot and update. DO NOT POWER OFF THE DEVICE.


LK8000 7.1c

LK8000 7.1c