Spring is here and with it a new flying season (If it ever stop’s raining) Time to dust off your pilot wings, and update your Fly360.

Today I’m releasing the 2019 CANADIAN Airspace file for your Fly360 Flight computer.

There is also a YouTube video below to help assist you. The video is for updating way-points, but the procedure is almost exactly the same

Quick How to:
1: Download file to your computer (remember the location)
2: Power on your Fly360. From the Main Menu choose KOBO (unit will reboot into Kobo Mode)
3: From the Kobo Screen choose “Don’t have Wifi” and connect the USB cable from your PC to the Fly360
4: You will now have an E-Reader drive on your computer (let’s assume it’s F: )
5: Copy the airspace file in step one to F:\LK8000\_Airspaces\
: Once file is copied, properly eject the Fly360 from the computer (Windows click USB icon by clock and disconnect E-Reader. OSX drag E-Reader Icon to the Trash) failure to do so can result in data loss.
7: Once properly ejected from your computer, Slide and hold the power slider to the right for 3 seconds (Power off) wait 10 seconds and Power on
8: Launch into Fly or Simulate mode
9: from the LK8000 screen,
M (menu bottom right)
Config 1/3
LK8000 Setup
System Setup
Page 1 Site: Touch Airspace 1 field, and choose the new file:
Fly360 Canadian Airspace noE Below12500 273.txt

Congrats your Done:

Download file here:

YouTube Video: