POWER ON WARNING! Accidental Factory Reset

Attention all Fly360 Users. Please be VERY CAREFUL when powering on your Fly360, If you depress the small button beside the switch WHILE sliding the power switch to ON, YOU WILL FACTORY RESET YOUR DEVICE There is no warning or request for confirmation, One minute you have a Fly360 the next you have a Blank Kobo.

I have looked into ways to disable this “feature”, however it is hardwired into the Kobo firmware portion of the device itself and cannot be bypassed. Some users (you know who you are) have reported wiping the Fly360 on more than one occasion, and have resorted to taping over or gluing the button,

Please also keep this in mind when mounting your device, and ensure your mounting solution does not press down this button.

I do not charge to restore your Fly360 to flying condition, and have even created a document to help assist in reloading your device in the event of a factory reset, So please contact me without worry if you run into this problem.

Happy Flying, and stay safe