Quick Tip: Oracle AKA "Where am I"

Nervous about radio work? Afraid to sound like an amateur on the radio ? Need to announce your position? Or simply tell someone where you are?

Have no fear the Oracle is here.

Simply click M(menu), Info, Oracle and you get a wonderful little screen like below.

You will no longer sound like a rambling idiot on the Radio

"Radio this Charlie, Delta, Oscar, Romeo, Kilo, I'm... umm... 6 miles.. um.... north, no wait... ummm north east of... I think that's Guelph.... errr... Um......"

For now on it will be

"Radio this is Charlie, Golf, Oscar, Oscar, Delta, 
Currently 15KM South East of New Hamburg, 5KM South of New Dundee, heading towards Platsville Airfield"