Customizing the Look and Feel

One of the questions I get ask about the most is how to customize the look and feel of the Fly360 Flight Computer running LK8000

LK8000 has a TON of information available to the pilot at the touch of the screen. And to be honest it is to much information.  Flipping threw 10 Bottom Bar Pages trying to find the one tidbit of data you need, or scrolling threw page after page of Info Pages and Multi Maps is time consuming,  Every second you spend looking at the Flight Computer your not spending PILOTING   

Do you need a Thermal Page? Are you doing FAI Triangles? Tasks?  If your not using it, turn it off.
Want to know how long you have been flying for? Height above ground not just Altitude, It's all possible and can be easily available!

So let's customize the software for YOUR NEEDS, This way the information needed is a simple touch of the screen away. 

I have just  posted a how to video explaining exactly this.
See the video page (or direct link below)

I have also uploaded a PDF Doc explaining all the various Bottom Bars and which can be customize and disabled.
See the links page (or direct link below)