Quick Tip: Playback Your Flight


Thanks to all the pilots that attended this years UPAC convention !

One of the biggest questions I got durning this years show was "Can I play back my flight", the answer is a simple YES! 

Your Fly360 can automatically write an .IGC log file for every flight you take. When/if enabled the files are located at: *\LK8000\_logger 

To Start: Boot your Fly360 into KOBO mode, connect the USB cable to your computer, and copy the files to your computer.

My favourite, and by far the simplest and most elegant app to use is from: https://www.soaringlab.eu

From the main website click the "LAUNCH VIEWER"
Now choose the "FLIGHTS" icon, and pick the .IGC log file you want to use.

After a few seconds your flight will load, You can customize the views, maps, units, and graphs it displays, and speed up or slow down your flight.

FYI: to ensure your Fly360 creates an IGC log for each of your flights goto:
M (Menu)
Config 1/3
LK8000 Setup
System Setup
Navigate to Page 20: Logger. ensure Auto logger: is set to on.



Fly360 Software Update 7.1c

I’m happy to announce that there is a new software update available for your Fly360

The latest version of LK8000 is 7.1c. It has many bug fixes, updates, and enhancements, after a few weeks of testing it is fully certified for your Fly360 Flight Computer. (Thank you to all the beta testers who helped out)

1: Download the link below, and extract the zip file to your computer, You will now have a .kobo file

2:Boot your Fly360 into Kobo mode, choose “I don’t have a WIFI connection”, and connect the Fly360 to your computer, the screen will go black, and you will now have an E-Reader disk ie: E:\

3: Copy and replace the .kobo file you downloaded in step one with the one on your removable drive (E:\)

4: IMPORTANT: Eject the E-Reader device properly from your computer (Windows: Right Click USB device in the task bar and choose disconnect, OSX: drag E-Reader Icon into the Trash)

SUPER IMPORTANT. Wait a few minutes and the Fly360 will automatically reboot and update. DO NOT POWER OFF THE DEVICE.


LK8000 7.1c

LK8000 7.1c


Spring is here and with it a new flying season (If it ever stop’s raining) Time to dust off your pilot wings, and update your Fly360.

Today I’m releasing the 2019 CANADIAN Airspace file for your Fly360 Flight computer.

There is also a YouTube video below to help assist you. The video is for updating way-points, but the procedure is almost exactly the same

Quick How to:
1: Download file to your computer (remember the location)
2: Power on your Fly360. From the Main Menu choose KOBO (unit will reboot into Kobo Mode)
3: From the Kobo Screen choose “Don’t have Wifi” and connect the USB cable from your PC to the Fly360
4: You will now have an E-Reader drive on your computer (let’s assume it’s F: )
5: Copy the airspace file in step one to F:\LK8000\_Airspaces\
: Once file is copied, properly eject the Fly360 from the computer (Windows click USB icon by clock and disconnect E-Reader. OSX drag E-Reader Icon to the Trash) failure to do so can result in data loss.
7: Once properly ejected from your computer, Slide and hold the power slider to the right for 3 seconds (Power off) wait 10 seconds and Power on
8: Launch into Fly or Simulate mode
9: from the LK8000 screen,
M (menu bottom right)
Config 1/3
LK8000 Setup
System Setup
Page 1 Site: Touch Airspace 1 field, and choose the new file:
Fly360 Canadian Airspace noE Below12500 273.txt

Congrats your Done:

Download file here:

YouTube Video:


POWER ON WARNING! Accidental Factory Reset

Attention all Fly360 Users. Please be VERY CAREFUL when powering on your Fly360, If you depress the small button beside the switch WHILE sliding the power switch to ON, YOU WILL FACTORY RESET YOUR DEVICE There is no warning or request for confirmation, One minute you have a Fly360 the next you have a Blank Kobo.

I have looked into ways to disable this “feature”, however it is hardwired into the Kobo firmware portion of the device itself and cannot be bypassed. Some users (you know who you are) have reported wiping the Fly360 on more than one occasion, and have resorted to taping over or gluing the button,

Please also keep this in mind when mounting your device, and ensure your mounting solution does not press down this button.

I do not charge to restore your Fly360 to flying condition, and have even created a document to help assist in reloading your device in the event of a factory reset, So please contact me without worry if you run into this problem.

Happy Flying, and stay safe


Charging Warning

Warning when charging your Fly360.

Warning to all users: I’ve had to replace a couple of batteries in users Fly360’s lately, Further investigation has revealed that in each case the Fly360 was being charged via a high output wall adapter which severely damaged the internal battery.

The Kobo unit itself will only accept 5Volts at no more than 500 mA power input. So please only charge your unit via a computer USB port, or ensure your wall adapter is only supplying 5volts at no more than 500mA power output.

All units were repaired under warranty, But future battery replacements will cost $25.00 now that the root cause has been identified. As an added bonus the new batteries have a much larger capacity at 1500 mAh compared to 1000 mAh , this should add a couple more hours of usage.



Quick Reference Guide: aka Cheat Sheet

By popular demand I have created a Quick Reference Guide, or a “cheat sheet” on how to use your Fly360.

This is for those that need to know just enough on how to use the software, without having to read the entire manual! I have also included a list of most popular functions and how to access them.

Some of us only fly a few times a month/year, and it’s easy to forgot how to navigate the software. Print this out and keep it with your aircraft

If you have any suggestion on things to add, please feel free to comment

Download the Guide here:


QUICK TIP: Add a Checklist and other Notes

Your Fly360 / LK8000 has the ability to display a checklist, notes, or any other information you may want at your Fingertips. To access this info, click M (Menu) Info, Info (again) and notepad, You will see the default Demo text that comes pre-loaded with the software.

To create your own, simply create a file called NOTEPAD.TXT and save this file to the \LK8000\_configuration directory.

**NOTE the file must be saved as plain text UTF8.
For example, using Windows Notepad be sure that "Save as" will use UTF8 and not other encodings.

To add multiple PAGES simply put the heading in square brackets


You will now have 3 separate pages within the Notepad 1: Preflight Checklist, 2: Take off check list, 3: Engine Operation Specs

Here is a link to the NOTEPAD.TXT file I use on my Fly360 feel free to use this and modify it to suit your needs,


I’d love to hear other peoples idea’s on what sort of information they include in the Notepad, Please comment below

Checklist Page

Checklist Page

Engine Spec Page

Engine Spec Page

Example of how to add Pages by using the Square Brackets

Example of how to add Pages by using the Square Brackets

Quick Tip: Oracle AKA "Where am I"

Nervous about radio work? Afraid to sound like an amateur on the radio ? Need to announce your position? Or simply tell someone where you are?

Have no fear the Oracle is here.

Simply click M(menu), Info, Oracle and you get a wonderful little screen like below.

You will no longer sound like a rambling idiot on the Radio

"Radio this Charlie, Delta, Oscar, Romeo, Kilo, I'm... umm... 6 miles.. um.... north, no wait... ummm north east of... I think that's Guelph.... errr... Um......"

For now on it will be

"Radio this is Charlie, Golf, Oscar, Oscar, Delta, 
Currently 15KM South East of New Hamburg, 5KM South of New Dundee, heading towards Platsville Airfield"


How to customize your Fly360

One of the most common comments I get about the Fly360 is it's a very complicated and vast system. In this video I will show you how to customize the system to meet your needs, and how to turn off any of the features you don't use.

I feel this is extremely important for all users to do, as you should have the information you need at your finger tips and easily accessible


Quick Tip: Shortcut to Waypoint Lookup

Waypoint lookup with the a single touch.

Hello Fly360 users, wanted to share with you a handy little trick you can enable so the Waypoint database opens up by just touching the Top Right of the Screen. (Instead of clicking M (menu) Nav, Waypoint Lookup.)

First Touch M (Menu) than Config, Config 1/3 ( again) LK8000 Setup, System Setup. and Navigate to Page 10 Interface, Touch Configure Custom Keys,

Under Top Screen Touch the "Right" Box and select Waypoint Lookup from the list, and choose Select

Close out, and back to the Main Map, Now whenever you touch the Top Right Corner of the Screen the Waypoint Lookup will pop up.


Custom Keys1.JPG
Custom Keys2.JPG

New Waypoint Database Released

Massive New Waypoint Database released to all users. This update adds a few missed Airports/Aerodromes, Corrects an issue with some Airport names being to long, and now Includes the following Provinces: BC, Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland.Please see the Videos Page on www.flykobo.ca for instructions on how to update.


Thanks for all the support. As you can see we have more and more Pilots all over Canada flying with the Fly360!


As requested Quebec will be the next Province to be added to our Database

Any issues or question please feel free to contact me.   I look forward to seeing the Fly360 community continue to grow, all thanks to your help.


Customizing the Look and Feel

One of the questions I get ask about the most is how to customize the look and feel of the Fly360 Flight Computer running LK8000

LK8000 has a TON of information available to the pilot at the touch of the screen. And to be honest it is to much information.  Flipping threw 10 Bottom Bar Pages trying to find the one tidbit of data you need, or scrolling threw page after page of Info Pages and Multi Maps is time consuming,  Every second you spend looking at the Flight Computer your not spending PILOTING   

Do you need a Thermal Page? Are you doing FAI Triangles? Tasks?  If your not using it, turn it off.
Want to know how long you have been flying for? Height above ground not just Altitude, It's all possible and can be easily available!

So let's customize the software for YOUR NEEDS, This way the information needed is a simple touch of the screen away. 

I have just  posted a how to video explaining exactly this.
See the video page (or direct link below)


I have also uploaded a PDF Doc explaining all the various Bottom Bars and which can be customize and disabled.
See the links page (or direct link below)



All users Please update your Waypoints in your Fly360 Flight Computer,  A recent bug was discovered that is causing a large number of Airports and Aerodrome to not be accessible from the system

Please note just click I Don't have a  Wireless Connection on the Kobo Page and plug in the USB Cable

How to Video is here