LK8000 The amazing software Behind the Fly360

Quick Reference Guide: Overview on how to use the LK8000 software on your Fly360, plus list of most common used functions

LK8000 Version 3.0 Manual: This manual has 320 pages with many pictures, and it was written from scratch byDr.Ernst Dieter Klinkenberg,  The Most Complete Manual (even if somewhat dated)

LK8000 Version 4.0 Manual:  The 2nd most complete Manual, Best to read this one AFTER Version 3

LK8000 Vesion 5.0 Manual:  Released on May 30th, 2014  Includes updates and new Features:

LK8000 Version 6 Manual:  The most recent LK8000 Manual, This manual includes what has changed since Version 5.0

Link to readily available Maps to use with your Fly360 Flight Computer.
Note Lower Number in terrain file equals higher resolution file
ie:   Terrain 500m DEM:   is better quality than Terrain 1000m DEM: 

Link to Dropbox, For Custom Files
(Custom Maps, Waypoints, Airspaces, Etc)

LK8000 For PC
Download the following zip file, and extract to your local hard drive
ie: c:\LK8000.  Navigate to the extracted folder and launch LK8000-PC.exe


Bottom Bar
PDF Doc on how to customize the Bottom Bar in LK8000
(Please see video for further details