More than just GPS


The Fly360 is more  than just a GPS:  It is a Tactical Flight Computer Running LK8000 Software.  Used for general aviation, ultralight aircraft, glider, paraglider and hang glider pilots.  This is a stand alone, all-in-one system, that is fully sunlight readable. Packs 8+ hours of battery life, with a turbulent proof interface that is easy to use while in flight
FlySafe. FlySmart. Fly360



Info at a Glance

Fully sunlight readable

Invaluable information always at a glance away,  Fully readable in the sun,  moving maps, tasks, destination, distance,  ground speed, airspace's, nearest airports, and frequencies,  Plus the Fly360 is always tracking your next best landing option in case of an emergency Now that's Flying Safe


Moving Maps And Airspaces

Side View one of many views AVAILABLE

A simple touch of the screen (Left or Right Side) brings up Side View, displaying the moving map on the top of the screen, and the upside down wedding cake of airspace's below. Look out Class F coming up. Now That's Flying Smart


Log Book

Automatic pilot log book

Never worry about filling out your log book again,  With the Fly360 each and every flight is automatically recorded. Information such as: Date, Takeoff place & Time, Landing Place & Time, Duration of flight, Distance covered, Max Height and Altitude are all recorded every time for you. Smart


Screen Views

Pages And Pages of info

The Fly360 has page after page of information available to you. all at a simple Touch of the screen. With our Turbulent Proof Interface you can easily access this information while in flight


Touch Screen

z-Force Touchscreen

With the Z-Force Touchscreen and the turbulent proof interface navigating the Fly360 is simple and easy.  The touch screen even works with gloves on


Airspace Warnings

airspace warning

You will always be made aware of any airspace's you may come across on your flight,  An AirSpace Warning will pop up on the screen no matter what screen you are currently on.  Fly Safe, Fly Aware, Fly360


Nearest Airports

Landables and airports

With the Massive internal Database, Navigate to any Airport or Aerodrome.  Easily and Simply. Plus the Fly360 is constantly calculating your next best landing option in case of an emergancy



Fully customizable to you

From screen orientation, to what is displayed on each page, The Fly360 is fully and easily  customizable to your needs